Tonari (トナリ) is a girl that Fushi meets on the island of Jeannanda.

Appearance Edit

Tonari is a young girl about 14 years old. She has short black hair, green eyes, and dark skin. She wears a light blue jacket and is often seen with her pet owl, Ricard.

Personality Edit

Tonari is clever, cunning, and appears to be a bit manipulative. She seems to have a great love for reading and writing.

Background Edit

Tonari grew up on an unnamed island with her father, Erran G. Dalton, and an unnamed mother. When she was 7 years old, she awoke one morning to find her mother lying dead on the floor. The Church condemned her father as the killer and sent him to the island of Jeannanda. The Church gave Tonari a choice to either stay on her home island as an orphan or to follow her father into exile. She decided to follow him because she believed her father to be innocent.

On Jeannanda, the prisoners and their exiled families discarded their humanity; creating a new culture that recognized every freedom imaginable, including murder.

After an unknown period of time, Tonari's father decided to enter a tournament that, if he won, would give him the power to leave the island. Tonari begged her father not to participate, but he ignored her pleas and told her to go to Ivo Port at the end of the tournament.

At the end, Tonari didn't recognize the victor as her father and believed him to be dead. She searched for his corpse for several days until she found a book at Ivo Port. In the book was a note addressed to her from her father that read "Happy birthday! With this book, weave together your dreams." Her father ended up being murdered by other residents for killing the previous victor.

Plot Edit

Relationships Edit

Skills Edit

  • Leadership

When there is trouble, Tonari's group often looks to her for guidance. She seems to be well-liked by the group.

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