Fushi (フシ) is an immortal creature that was thrown onto Earth by The Observer.

Appearance Edit

Fushi is an immortal being that can take the form of anything. Normally, it takes the form of a young boy with white hair and green eyes. He wears a short, brown fur cloak and a light blue shirt and pants with fur boots.

Personality Edit

Fushi appears to be a good listener, is curious, brave, and a fast learner. Before learning how to speak, Fushi would learn how to do things by mimicking other people's actions.

After learning how to express himself via words, Fushi speaks his mind - no matter how mean it may sound. He cares deeply for others and dislikes death. He also blames himself for the Knocker attacks, believing that destruction follows wherever he goes. Fushi finds it extremely hard to make friends because he knows he will have to see their lives to the end; they will always die while he forever lives.

Background Edit

Fushi was dropped onto Earth by a mysterious being. It started out as a sphere, and then look the form of a rock, moss, and later a wolf.

Fushi was created to help preserve the world.

Plot Edit

At first, "It" took the form of a sphere that could imitate any thing that existed. Some time after being dropped onto the Earth, It assumed the form of a rock and once temperatures began to rise, It copied the appearance of moss. Before long, as snow began to fall, a single wolf came ambling from the south and, once it collapsed, "It" took the form of that creature. Having gained a consciousness "It", now in the form of a wolf, continued walking and carving into it's mind new sensations.

The Nameless Boy Edit

After walking for an unknown amount of time, the wolf comes across a boy. The Nameless Boy calling the wolf "Joaan", is very excited to see it and is very happy it didn't forget about him. Noticing that Joaan isn't acting normal, the boy carries it into the house where he tries to give it food, but to no avail. Once inside, "Joaan" takes in the atmosphere of the house - observing the sounds, the smell, and the warmth. If It could speak, It would probably say "I want to stay here forever".

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The Boy making dinner for him and Johan.

The next morning, after trying (and failing) once again to feed Joaan, the boy and the wolf go out to gather wood. Besides the boy, there are no people to be found and the only thing outside are houses that have long since fallen into ruin. The boy cuts and gathers the wood from a nearby house, telling Joaan it's like borrowing from other people. But he expresses guilt, saying he knows, deep down, that if the others were to come back they would probably be angry at him. He understands though that if he doesn't do this, he will die. He holds hope that the other people of his village will come back even though they've been gone for five years.

The boy tells Joaan how much he would have liked to go with them. He recalls trying to sneak out and follow them, but Joaan stopped him by biting his leg. As a result, the other people found out and told him to stay put and take care of his grandparents.

After gathering wood, they head back to the house and check the fishing lines to discover a giant fish on the other end. To save fuel, they eat it raw. Noticing Joaan refusing to eat for the third time, the boy wonders if the wolf has forgotten how to eat. He shows it how to eat and the wolf immediately mimics the boy's actions and says the word "here".

Later that night, It watches the boy draw pictures of the other villagers on the wall. The boy tells Joaan he is doing this so there is evidence that other people lived here and so he doesn't forget. He then tells Joaan that he is thinking of leaving because he wants to see the world and experience new things. The boy spends all of the next day preparing for the journey and, once he is finally done, they head south. After hours of walking, they come across a marker that tells them to continue heading south and they decide to rest for the night.

The two continue on their journey, finding more and more markers. After about five days, the boy finds a bush that he says proves they are getting closer to the mountains and, just as they are about to continue, the boy slips and falls into the water, injuring his left leg. They decide to stop for the day so the boy can tend to his injury. He tries to reassure himself that it is just a flesh wound and that he can keep going.

As the days pass, it is obvious the boy is losing strength, as he cannot continue walking for long periods of time, and his injury is starting to swell. He continues to try and convince himself that turning back now would be foolish and that surely they don't have much farther to go. Just as he says this, the boy spots a marker with a crossed out arrow, telling them that going forward will not lead to paradise. To the left the boy sees broken down wagons and multiple headstones. The boy, trying to remain optimistic, tells Joaan that everyone got this far, which means paradise can't be far away now. Breaking down into tears, the boy asks Joaan if they can make it to the mountains but, when the wolf doesn't respond, he becomes frustrated wondering why it doesn't answer him. He continues crying even harder, knowing that Joaan can't respond and that he's been talking to himself the whole time. He apologizes and decides that going home would be the best thing to do.

Once home, the boy cries himself to sleep and awakes the next morning with a fever. He makes Joaan food and checks on his wound, which is now infected. He tells himself that his wound is healing and that once it heals, they will try to find the mountains again. However, the boy's fever is even worse the next day and he has no strength to get out of bed. Later that night, he struggles to get to his chair, saying "If I'm sleeping when they all come back, that would be embarrassing, right?" He asks Joaan to never forget about him and quietly lays back in his chair.

After an unknown amount of time, the boy's body falls to the ground. The wolf tries to get the him to move, but is unsuccessful. It grabs a hold of the boy's coat and immediately begins taking on the form of the boy. It leaves in search of "an even stronger impetus" and will no doubt fulfill the boy's wish of exploring the world.

March Edit

After taking the boy's form, he continues walking south for an unknown period of time - dying a total of 6 times. Having finally left the snow covered area, Fushi makes his way towards a forest where he dies for the seventh time, being killed by a large bear. He first meets March in a pond after regenerating, staring at her, and then walking away. March follows after him, trying to engage Fushi in conversation but cannot get a response. She then realizes that he must be hungry and climbs a tree to get fruit, passing them down to him. After stuffing himself with food, March tries to teach him how to say "thank you", but he walks away with March following closely behind.

The next day, Fushi awakes to find March gone and decides to follow her.

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Relationships Edit

The Nameless Boy: The Nameless Boy is the first person Fushi meets and the first human form it takes. After the boy succumbs to his injury, Fushi takes on the form of the boy, fulfilling his wish of exploring the world and experiencing new things. Next to the wolf, the boy's appearance is one of the forms Fushi spends the most time in. By taking on the form of the boy, Fushi keeps its promise of never forgetting him. Fushi also mentions that he feels the most like himself in the Boy's form.

March: March is the second person Fushi meets after leaving The Boy's home. She becomes a mother figure for Fushi, teaching him manners, how to bathe, and how to acquire food. Like all of the death's he has seen, Fushi feels great guilt and remorse for not being able to save March and threatens to kill Hayase when he meets her again.

Hayase: Hayase is obsessed with Fushi to the point where she has attempted, and at times succeeded, in killing people close to him. Because of this, Fushi despises Hayase and even threatens to kill her when they meet again in Jananda. When she declares her love to Fushi, Fushi tells her that he wouldn't care if she died and leaves her on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Forty years later, Fushi is still being hassled by Hayase's descendants and reincarnations, proof of how strong her desire to "be one" with Fushi is. Fushi resents Hayase even after her death for killing March and Parona. He wants nothing do with her along with her descendants and reincarnations

Pioran: Pioran is an elderly woman who teaches Fushi a bit about how to write, speak, and live like a human being. Fushi cares for Pioran as if she were his family and goes so far as to enter a fighting tournament in order to rescue her. Fushi was devastated after her death, so much so that he isolated himself for forty years so he would never have to feel the pain of losing someone again.

Gugu: Gugu takes on the role of an older brother for Fushi, teaching him the emotional side of being human. He teaches Fushi what death is and helps him learn more about his power. For the next four years, the two grow up together, living as brothers while always being prepared for the next Knocker attack. When it came to fighting the Knockers, Fushi relied heavily on Gugu and always looked to him for guidance and direction on how to defeat it.

Tonari: Tonari is a young girl that Fushi meets in Jananda. In the beginning, Fushi couldn't stand Tonari and found her annoying and strange. However, as time went on, he started to see her as a friend and a person he could trust. When Tonari dies, Fushi tries his best to heed her wish of him having friends/companions who can understand him and to not isolate himself anymore.

Abilities Edit

  • Immortality

As an immortal, Fushi will recover from any injury he receives, no matter how gruesome.

  • Shapeshifting

Fushi can take the shape and abilities of any creature he has met, after their death. For example, when taking on Parona's form, Fushi's aim with a bow and arrow is satisfactory. In addition to taking on their physical form, he also replicates their outfit and personal items, for example, Parona's book. He is able to transfer his consciousness to any body he has created that is connected to him.

  • Intelligence

Fushi learns very quickly and is constantly observing the things around him.

  • Empathy

Fushi has the ability to sense pain in others even if he cannot see them. He was also capable of sensing Gugu and Rean's feelings of love.

  • Replication

Fushi also has the ability to replicate weapons that have injured him. For example, when Gugu cut him with a kitchen knife, Fushi was able to produce an exact copy of that knife. He is also able to replicate food he has eaten. He is also able to replicate corpses of living things. When Fushi was trapped alive in an iron cubed shaped prison, he was able to replicate the heat from iron to melt his way out. With this ability, Fushi can now melt metal and forming hot metal weapons. He can replicate various tools and scrolls with notes on his friends to avoid forgetting them.

As he hones this ability, he becomes able to use it with his expanded sensory cortex to replicate objects more distantly, allowing him to create even a large forest.

  • Resurrection

In chapter 68, it is shown that Fushi apparently has the ability to revive the dead, although he is unaware of this. By taking the form of the person and then shedding that form - creating a husk of that person - Fushi was able to bring Anna back to life.

  • Territory Domination

From chapter 81, Fushi can replicate several parts, and create his territory from all separated objects, and if Knockers come to attack in his territory, no matter how far, as long as still in his area, Fushi can easily create his weapons, something like swords, dead trees, to attack. 

  • Transferring Consciousness

As shown in chapter 85, first time he create his form and becomes able to share his consciousness, and it took about 5 seconds to transfer. As long as he connected to his territory, he can return to his main body.

Trivia Edit

  • As shown in chapter 24, Fushi can grow older despite being immortal. However, if he dies or changes form, he goes back to the original age of the person he took the appearance from.
  • Fushi is able to feel the thoughts and feelings of living things that are close to death. Because of this, Fushi would leave the cooking of crayfish and other sea animals to Gugu.
  • As of chapter 42, Fushi's dream for the future is to become strong enough to defeat the Knockers.
  • In chapter 25, Fushi can feel Rean’s love toward Gugu, however in chapter 52, Fushi didn’t feel any love when Hayase announce her love toward him.
  • Fushi has shown several times to be interested in cooking and sewing.
  • in chapter 68, it is shown that the Lord’s daughter was revived after Fushi took her form and then created a husk of her. However, in chapter 45, the nameless boy is not revived despite Fushi following these same steps (Unless the boy had been revived but was not shown)
  • Sometimes, in manga, his names written with kanji (不死), and Pioran the only one who called him with that.

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